My oh my, what a strange second trimester it has been! The second trimester is weeks 13-27, and for half of those we have been sheltering in place thanks to COVID-19. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate being pregnant during a pandemic, and it’s definitely come with more emotions than anticipated. In any […]

Second Trimester Updates


“You’re growing a baby, you can eat for two now!” “Just eat whatever you’re craving, the baby is telling you what it needs!” Well, what if the baby is suddenly caving a bowl of ice cream? Pregnancy is a new experience in a woman’s life and is likely to come with all sorts of food […]

Can I eat ice cream during pregnancy?


As I write this post I am already into my second trimester (17 weeks along actually), but I couldn’t leave you hanging with the details of those first three months! It’s funny because the first trimester is really the shortest time knowing you’re pregnant- most moms find out around 5-6 weeks as the gestation is […]

First Trimester Updates


I am so incredibly excited to finally be able to announce that we are having A BABY! The past few months have felt like the longest stretch of time to keep this joyous news quiet, but I am over the moon to finally share the news of my pregnancy. And while I am thrilled to […]

Our Exciting News and My Fertility Journey