Registered dietitian, certified diabetes care and education specialist, and a mom with a passion for helping women thrive, wherever they are along their pregnancy journey.

Whether you are just starting to think about growing your family, in the thick of a pregnancy, or find yourself a few months postpartum, I want to support you in feeling your best, finding peace with your changing body, enjoying delicious foods, and having a healthy baby and future. 

I’m Casey Seiden

When I wanted to start my family, it became clear that many of the ways I was living my life had to change. I needed to slow down the pace and take rest days. I needed to eat way more and allow my body to change. I needed to be more present and let go of demanding projects.

As I was working to address my own health, I started down a new path in my career supporting women’s nutrition. While working at the premier high-risk maternal fetal medicine and OBGYN practice in Manhattan, I only grew more passionate about the role that nutrition and body respect played in preparing your body for fertility and pregnancy.

With patience and support, my body came back to center, and we were blessed with our first pregnancy and healthy baby girl. Fast forward another year, and with far less stress and far more knowledge, we welcomed another baby girl.

The journey to conceiving and getting pregnant may seem simple, but it’s not so easy for everyone. I know this from personal experience, and it’s why I am committed to what I do.

I know all too well what undereating and overtraining can do to a woman’s health. I convinced myself that my dedication to running was just a healthy passion. I thought I physically looked great, and was so proud of my incredibly vegetable-heavy, plant-based meals. I was driven, a hard-worker, and perfectionist, who assumed that stress was just a part of being a professional building her career.

My Story

Healing my own relationship with food and my body was the best thing I could have done to prepare myself for pregnancy and beyond, and now I want to help YOU have the healthiest pregnancy and life possible.

You deserve more than quick fix diets and being told to lose weight in order to conceive.

You deserve evidence-based recommendations and practical guidance from an expert to support you and your growing baby.

You deserve a compassionate approach to caring for your whole body and being before, during, and after pregnancy.

Using a non-diet approach, my goal is to help all women feel confident and successful in their nutrition and health through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

My Approach

My first job after college was working as a bilingual (Spanish) instructor at NYC farmers markets teaching nutrition education and cooking. I can tell you, there is nothing better than the smell of onions and garlic cooking outside on a cold fall day and being surrounded by community members who want to share their recipes and talk about their families. 


One of my biggest pet peeves is letting leftover food go to waste. I love scrounging together odds and ends from the fridge and pulling together a (usually) very tasty and balanced lunch for myself. However, random leftovers don’t have to be an issue if you have done some meal planning- I even wrote a cookbook (Meal Prep for Two) about meal planning! This was one of my proudest accomplishments and at the same time an integral project that helped me change the course of my health for fertility.


I couldn’t run more than 2 miles before 2016. Since then I’ve run numerous 5 and 10ks, half marathons, and a full marathon. I hope to soon get back to running longer distances!


I am from the Cincinnati, Ohio area, but have lived in Vermont, New York City, and now call New Jersey my home, where I spend my days working, getting coffee in town with my husband, and making lots of trips to the playground with our sweet and sassy daughters.


A Little About Me

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Vermont

Master of Science in Nutrition and Public Health from Teachers College Columbia University

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist