It’s hard to believe, but I celebrated my daughter’s FIRST birthday last weekend- where has the time gone? We enjoyed a perfect day in the park with friends and family, and of course, some birthday treats! Truth be told, the birthday girl did not get her first taste of sugar and enjoyed a chocolate banana […]

Low-Sugar Chocolate Cake Bites


My Third Trimester Well, I promise I had every intention of writing a third trimester blog post, but to be completely honest the last three months of pregnancy were a bag of mixed emotions and went by in kind of a blur. The third trimester is typically the time when your baby bump is showing […]

Third Trimester Updates and My Birth Story


Summer is here and that means that it’s the glorious season of STRAWBERRIES! I rely on frozen berries for most of the year because I find out of season berries to be sadly anemic looking and tasting. So when July rolls around and the markets have fresh berries I am all over it! I don’t […]

Strawberry Almond Flour Muffins


Looking for a smoothie recipe you can confidently consume for your blood sugars? Look no further than this Cherry Coconut Smoothie! I’m going to keep things short and sweet, and tell you a bit about the nutrition highlights, then on to the easy recipe. Here’s a few of the smoothie ingredient that helps balance blood […]

Cherry Coconut Smoothie


My oh my, what a strange second trimester it has been! The second trimester is weeks 13-27, and for half of those we have been sheltering in place thanks to COVID-19. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate being pregnant during a pandemic, and it’s definitely come with more emotions than anticipated. In any […]

Second Trimester Updates


“You’re growing a baby, you can eat for two now!” “Just eat whatever you’re craving, the baby is telling you what it needs!” Well, what if the baby is suddenly caving a bowl of ice cream? Pregnancy is a new experience in a woman’s life and is likely to come with all sorts of food […]

Can I eat ice cream during pregnancy?


Okay, you all probably think the only thing I make these days is oatmeal based… Truthfully, oats have been a great shelf-stable grain option to use during COVID-19 Quarantine, and now with the Easter holiday I usually get the urge to use carrots in every which way. So, I thought, what better way to use […]

Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal


Requested by popular demand, here is the recipe for my Cranberry Oatmeal Bake! I am a breakfast lover, but when mornings are chaotic, or I just don’t want to make decisions about what my first meal of the day is going to be, I love leaning on breakfast meal prep. Enter, the pre-made oatmeal bake. […]

Cranberry Oatmeal Bake


As I write this post I am already into my second trimester (17 weeks along actually), but I couldn’t leave you hanging with the details of those first three months! It’s funny because the first trimester is really the shortest time knowing you’re pregnant- most moms find out around 5-6 weeks as the gestation is […]

First Trimester Updates


Overnight oats are a staple breakfast for me and I believe one of the easiest meal preps anyone can pull together! What I love most about them, is that they are completely customizable. To me, being creative and coming up with my own “recipes” for this breakfast is freeing, but I know some of you […]

Overnight Oats 101