Listen up, meal preppers! This one’s for you! Despite sometimes being finnicky to fill and roll, enchiladas are one of my favorite dishes to meal prep for an easy dinner for two. One reason I love them so much is because the combination of filling ingredients is almost endless, meaning you can always customize this […]

Easy Vegetarian Verde Enchiladas

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If you’ve been around here long enough you know I love adding vegetables into my meals wherever I can, and that includes breakfast! Sure, eggs are an easy breakfast base to pile on veggies, but I also like to give my oatmeal the royal treatment by sneaking in some extra fiber and color too. Summer […]

Cinnamon Zucchini Oats


Fall is undeniably my favorite season in terms of weather, cozy clothing, and hot beverages, but it’s tough to beat summer produce! As we speed through September, I wanted to give summer’s bounty one final hurrah, but with using my go-to fall kitchen appliance- my slow cooker. Danny and I are leaving for Italy at […]

Farewell Summer Ratatouille

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