Traditionally, and by definition, yogurt is a dairy product, meaning it is made from cow’s milk, or less often from the milk of other animals. We covered that pretty well in the previous blog post, but as you may be aware, the non-dairy yogurt trend has been growing rapidly! Whether it be for reasons of […]

Dairy vs Non-Dairy Yogurts and My Top Recommendations


New products are being introduced into each section of the grocery store year after year based on consumer demand and food companies’ efforts to stay abreast with always changing food and nutrition science and preferences. One aisle of the supermarket that has seen a big uptick in products over the past few years, and one […]

All Your Yogurt Questions Answered


It’s the end of August and the heat is back with a vengeance, which means I want ALL the cold sweet treats! A new vegan ice cream shop opened up in our neighborhood this summer and if I didn’t have to pay my air conditioner energy bill, I think all my money would go there […]

Berry Vanilla Popsicles