It was a chilly one here in NYC this weekend, so I spent more time than usual tucked inside watching Netflix and taking naps on the couch under a bit knitted blanket. We all deserve a little time to relax and veg out when snow is falling outside right? I took a break from watching […]

Vegan Tandoori Spiced Cauliflower Curry

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When you’re in a hurry, cook a curry! Despite what you may be thinking, making a curry for dinner can actually be accomplished in very little time. Curry sauces used to intimidate the heck out of me. I had thought it was required to make this elaborate, involved sauce from scratch and that the whole […]

Summer Vegetable Curry

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What is UP with this cold weather? Just as I was shaking out my flats and dresses the temperature drops overnight! But I guess I’m not completely upset, as it gave me the chance to try out another warming soup recipe. Well, it is actually a salad disguised as a soup, or a soup disguised […]

Curry “Salad Soup” with Tofu

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