Do you eat differently when your partner isn’t around for a meal? Danny is traveling for work this week and when the husband’s away, my favorite, semi-strange (to him) foods in funky but delicious combinations have their day! That usually means more beans, greens that aren’t spinach or kale, and some more pugent flavors. This […]

Bitter Greens Bowl

Main Dish

What’s one food that your significant other just can’t get on board with? For my SO it was beans. If a black bean landed in a salsa at a Mexican restaurant, he would painstakingly pick each one out! It’s not that he’s one of those, “a meal isn’t a meal if it’s missing meat” kind […]

Chickpea Kale Bowl with Thai Almond Sauce

Main Dish

For your next Taco Tuesday I invite you to try my salsa verde tacos TWO WAYS. Danny and I don’t always want to have the same protein for dinner, which is totally fine, but on those nights when two different fillings are needed we try to keep the other ingredients and concept simple.  Danny’s fish […]

Salsa Verde Tacos Two Ways

Main Dish

Quick! Your friends have invited you to a picnic in the park that starts in ONE hour- what on earth could one possibly whip up to contribute to the food festivities? This month’s Recipe Redux asked us to shake up our picnic game and create a dish to serve al fresco- so here we go! […]

BBQ Chickpea Poppers


Here it is ladies and gents, another Meatless Monday recipe for the win! While I enjoy all varieties of beans tossed into salads and scooped into grain bowls I sometimes need to put a twist on them to keep things interesting.- enter chickpea burgers. These patties are inspired and slightly tweaked from the Middle Eastern […]

Chickpea Burgers

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